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XTX Ventures is an early-stage VC fund investing solely in companies with machine learning as a core technology. This unique focus enables us to provide tailored operational support and guidance to our portfolio companies by leveraging XTX Markets’ world-leading expertise in machine learning to help grow and enhance those businesses. We can lead or co-invest and have dedicated follow-on capital.

Investments are split into two main areas:

  • Ventures: Early stage (Seed to Series A).

    Machine Learning. Geography agnostic. Industry agnostic (e.g. current portfolio includes: Health-tech, Agri-tech, Robotics, Insurance, Advertising). Average cheque size: £500k - £5mn.

  • Strategic Investments: Any stage.

    Focus on investments strategic to XTX Markets’ role as a liquidity provider. Typical industries: Capital Markets, Fintech.

We are a strategic investor and once a company is in our portfolio, we aim to help that company grow through giving them access to our internal and external network of cross-industry knowledge and technical expertise.

Please scroll down to view some of the companies in our portfolio.

For more information please contact us at: ventures@xtxmarkets.com

“XTX has a very strong team of AI specialists who performed meticulous DD of our technology. The XTX team helped us a lot during, and more importantly, after the raise. They are very responsive and have supported us in making board meetings more efficient, our financial modelling and fundraising. Having XTX as a trusted and professional partner facilitates our growth.”

“XTX Ventures has been a great value-added investor, helping to optimise our HR processes, finance systems, hiring strategies and more. The team is a genuine pleasure to work with on our journey together enabling AI to automate agricultural handwork.”

“Working with XTX is a great pleasure. The XTX team have given Lucida Medical valuable help with fundraising, scaling up, and putting solid processes in place. It’s a great reassurance to have access to such an experienced and responsive team to help us to grow further.”

  • 3D Predict - Marina Domracheva
  • Xihelm - James Kent
  • Lucida Medical - Antony Rix