Automation Engineer - Shared Engineering

The Role

The Shared Engineering team at XTX Markets design, develop and maintain infrastructure used by XTX Markets. The variety of technology covered includes operating systems, connectivity, storage, monitoring tools, CI/CD, configuration management and the platform on which our inhouse post-trade and low-latency OTC trading systems are run. We also provide technical consultancy services to all parts of the company, including the research technology and proprietary trading groups. This role is ideal for someone who is well organised, pragmatic and possesses the skills to automate processes by designing tools and developing concise, efficient code.
Ideally you would have spent three to five years working in a DevOps environment, together with a good scientific degree from a respected institution or equivalent industry experience.


The team is responsible for engineering and supporting existing infrastructure and tooling with the overarching aim to transform it into a modern infrastructure with self-service APIs and an ‘always-on’ approach. Activities include:
• Design, develop and continually improve the platforms that enable other teams to easily interface with and use our infrastructure
• Reduce manual activities by automating complex processes involving multiple systems, some without formal APIs
• Define standards to reduce duplication of effort across the company and consult with other technologist to promote re-use.
• Mentoring other team members, enabling them to support and maintain the systems you develop
• Evaluate new technology and development techniques, figuring out how they are applicable to the company
• Maintain the current infrastructure and tooling where it makes sense to do so
• Contribute to commercial discussions where third-party systems are involved
• Support of internal and trading systems

Essential Skills

• You should be able to demonstrate practical experience of automation, showing how you introduced new tools which had a positive impact.
• The tools you developed would likely be written in Python or Go and used by a wider community of users than just your immediate team.
• A good working knowledge of one or more of Linux, networking, and storage technologies.
• Building solid relationships with peers both inside a team and across an organisation
• Use of standard development tools such as git, IDEs, CI/CD and test-driven development techniques

Other Skills

We would not expect someone to have all the following skills or experience, but some subset would be preferred and gives an idea of the wide range of technologies we work with:
• Containerisation, Kubernetes, the Hashicorp stack or similar to deliver a containerised infrastructure.
• Monitoring applications such as Icinga, Nagios or Zabbix
• Observability infrastructure, e.g. KairosDB, Prometheus, Grafana
• Logging tools, e.g. Logstash, Kibana, Graylog, Elasticsearch
• Configuration management, e.g. Puppet, Ansible
• System admin level knowledge of hardware, operating system, networking and/or storage systems, e.g. Linux, VMware, Cisco, NetApp, ZFS
• Knowledge of trading systems, particularly with regards to exchange and counterparty connectivity, precise timing infrastructure and latency reduction techniques.